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Style and Color – Two Important Considerations to Use Striped Wallpaper in the Best Way

29 Jan 19 - 08:21

Stripes have become one of the most favorite among various designers as well as home and business owners for interior designing. Striped wallpapers hence have become a trend today. Whether you want to give your interior a soft, bold or subtle looks, you need to buy striped wallpaper! But do keep the color and width of the stripes in your mind according to the style you seek. With stripes, you not only add an appeal to your rooms but also you can hide a myriad of traffic. Also, it helps in con...

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How to Choose Wallpapers for Your Small Room

13 Dec 18 - 23:50

Decorating a small space can be a big challenge, especially when you don’t wish to make the room look smaller than it already is. In this blog, we will talk about what features you should keep in mind when wallpapering your small room.


Art Deco Wallpaper

Define your goals:


When choosing wallpapers for small rooms it’s critical to first define the goals & scope of your project. You must take into account the desired mood, ambiance, concept, and visual story you want to create before choosin...

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Bold Interior Design Ideas With Damask Wallpapers

30 Oct 18 - 02:44

If you are looking for a classic & timeless design option for the interior of your home, then Damask wallpapers are worth considering. They’re available in an extensive array of styles from traditional to contemporary – making them a great option for your home. This type of wallpaper offers a rich and elegant feel that can work in different settings.


Damask Wallpaper

Damask wallpapers are the most versatile wallpaper option out there and look really fabulous when used in dining rooms, bedrooms, ...

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Buy Striped Wallpaper Using Colorful Designs to Make Your Abode Appear Outstanding

09 Oct 18 - 04:42

Sometimes, the idea of repainting your home may appear simple but may seem unachievable. The fact is that you have a lot of things in need of your attention. Interestingly, it appears that you are at a crossroad of building a career and finding time for home chores simultaneously. Therefore, maintaining a clean and colorful home becomes quite difficult. The worst part is when you are trying to sell off your old home to a buyer. At this instance, the potential buyer may be unimpressed with the...

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Choosing the Right Wallpaper to Create Beautiful Residential Space

16 Aug 18 - 02:53

Choosing wallpaper can be a difficult task, when it comes to making a choice from different options in style, pattern, and colour. If you want to bring enthusiasm to your home, there are different ways to narrow down your options and choose wallpaper that is suitable for you and your space:


Space and Style


First and foremost, you should look at the space that you’re going to be wallpapering to understand the type of space you are working with. Play with bolder patterns and ...

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Buying the Damask Wallpaper Online

04 Jul 18 - 04:06

If any design for the home sets the tone for a particular season, it is wallpaper. The print you choose to wrap around the rooms reveals how you feel, whether you seek for serenity or crave opulence.


Damask wallpaper is the embodiment of timeless elegance and eye-catching appearance. It has all the properties you seek for in a design element.


Matching the specific colours and styles to rooms – Generally, good design rules are applied to hanging damask wallpaper just like any o...

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Enhance your Interior Decor with Stylish Striped Wallpaper

29 May 18 - 04:01

Wallpapers are used to cover your walls with an artistic, modern or elegant design. Compared to other high end decorating methods like painting or faux finishes, wallpapers are considered to be less expensive. To get best results form wallpaper, one has to indentify which patterns work best with each space. In today’s market, one can find a wide variety of wallpaper designs available that have the potential to complement as well as enhance the architecture or interior of the room.


Striped Wallpaper

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How To Pick A Wallpaper That’ll Work Perfect In Your Home

26 May 18 - 04:55

Gone are those days of bright yellow wallpaper that you usually have seen in your grandmother’s bed room. It is time to offer wallpaper another opportunity as a substitute to paint. It is much simpler to add a little of whimsy to a house by employing wallpapers that are accented by a bold or ironic object. Paint just does not get the message across as easily as a wallpaper. A vintage wallpaper design can immediately impart a serious or formal mood. Wallpapers are on a comeback, and there’re d...

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Design Your Room Flock Wallpaper

26 Mar 18 - 05:20

Design Your Room Flock Wallpaper

Owning a dream home is not as easy as we think. If someone is moving to design the interior, there are a significant number of ideas may float in your mind. Decorating today is all about different types of texture with different wallpaper and is replacing the painted feature wall and it’ll not be expected immediately. Adding wallpapers to your home is the great way to create a great atmosphere in the room and often all it takes your wall with an interesti...

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Striped Wallpaper:Add a Punch to Your Space than Others

10 Mar 18 - 03:19

Are you looking to bring a different look or redecorate in your home? Simple and striking style of Striped Wallpaper is the best solution for your desire! A stunning collection of Striped Wallpaper is always on trend. When mixing with contemporary patterns, it will offer a nice fashion and innovative look to any decor. Decorating Striped Wallpaper continues to be popular for its stunning look, simple to achieve on an unbeatable price.


Enormous elements and tools help you to add text...

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