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Are you often confused between using wallpaper and opting for paint to decorate or renovate your space? Opting for paint can result in ease of application and offer simplicity with touch-ups. Some interior design experts in UK thinks that decorating your home or any space with wallpapers offers complete control over the look and feel of every room. By using wallpapers, one can transform dull and tires spaces into vibrant areas with a truly unrivalled ambiance. For which these day’s wallpapers are widely used in various homes (from traditional to contemporary), restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels.

Effectiveness of Wallpaper:

Wallpaper is more versatile than paint. Designer wallpaper creates opportunity for homeowners to reflect their own taste and choice while designing the rooms. The spaces or rooms decorated with wallpapers will reflect homeowner’s personality. Today huge varieties of designer wallpaper are available for interior use like adding brightness and airiness to small areas and narrow hallways. Use of wallpapers will not only enhance the space’s aesthetics but also helps in making a space look more spacious with vibrant and bright offerings. Wallpapers are capable in creating a definite ‘wow’ factor that livens up any room.

Concept of decorating interior with wallpapers is widely being accepted by young families and pub or bar owners in UK. Most people are opting for wallpapers with periods of artistic expression like vintage wallpaper to renovate or decorate their space. For homes with children wallpapers can be a wonderful addition as it can hide multitude of sins such as uneven or cracked walls as well as wax crayon marks on the wall.

Linium  Wallpaper

Inspiration and Versatility of Amazing Wallpaper:

Compared to paint, designer wallpapers are versatile offers creativity and freedom of expression. Wallpapers can be used in many different ways to produce differing effects and improve the ambiance and atmosphere from hotel rooms’ lobby area to hallway or bedroom of a home.

One has to think outside of the box to use a bright or intense pattern combined with a right kind of style, design and colour. This will help in creating a future or accent wall and will provide the perfect contrast to an understated room.

Zin  Wallpaper

Finding Online Exclusive Wallpaper and Fabric Designs in UK:

Chameleon Collection has gained a great reputation in providing exclusive designs and patterns of wallpaper and fabric. You will find wide variety of designs for hotel wallpaper and designer wallpaper at Chameleon Collection that can be suitably customized with right colour palate and breadth of style. Our wallpaper and fabric designs are widely use and gained good popularity in countless private residences and luxury hotels in UK.
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