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Buy Traditional Wallpaper : Three Options To Consider

Wallpaper to decorate your home can set the mood like nothing else. From bold geometrics to romantic floral prints wallpaper can work as an important feature to embellish a complete room. It is in fact, an excellent approach to cover uneven or flawed surfaces.

Over the last few years, you must have noticed a huge resurgence in the design and texture of wallpaper. Today you have the luxury to choose from a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. Listed below are a few options that you want to consider when buying wallpaper for your home.


 Wallpaper Branche

Botanical Wallpaper Designs:


Botanical Wallpaper with velvet like patterns that glitter in any light is the perfect option if you are looking to give your room a glimpse of nature. These wallpapers bring a lush garden inside, with decoration inspired by birds, plants, and butterflies. Integrate such dreamy wallpaper designs to add a captivated forest of depth to the walls of your room. Wall covering evoking trees & leaves can add a natural splendor to any room.


 Wallpaper Cabbage Rose

Oriental Wallpaper Designs:


This type of wallpaper boast elaborated patterns with rich portraits of birds, figures, and foliage. They’re exceedingly decorative. While they do possess a feminine feel, they can keep everybody happy. However, for a masculine edge, they can be bought in a darker palette with deep red, navy, and charcoal colors.


Metallic Wallpaper:


Whether it is to produce a look that is funky &  futuristic or traditional with a contemporary twist, metallic effects certainly can boost a wallpaper design considerably. Metallic wallpapers look fabulous in the living room, bedroom or hallway.


Metallic wallpapers are designed to reflect the light off the walls, so it signifies that a neutral color palette is all you require. It brings luxury to a room and can make your small room look bigger.


 Wallpaper Classic Bird

To buy traditional wallpaper in a variety of patterns and designs get in touch with Chameleon Collection- UK’s leading supplier of wallpapers & fabrics. If you have any specific design in mind, send us the sample and rest assured that we will come with a wallpaper design that will add real value to your home. For any query, call us on 01789762857.

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