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Bold Interior Design Ideas With Damask Wallpapers

30 Oct 18 - 02:44

If you are looking for a classic & timeless design option for the interior of your home, then Damask wallpapers are worth considering. They’re available in an extensive array of styles from traditional to contemporary – making them a great option for your home. This type of wallpaper offers a rich and elegant feel that can work in different settings.


Damask Wallpaper

Damask wallpapers are the most versatile wallpaper option out there and look really fabulous when used in dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, or on feature walls. They also work well when coupled with other elaborate pieces of furniture to maintain a sense of luxury & opulence.


Damask Wallpaper

Conventional damask wallpaper styles with a modern twist can be an excellent addition to a conventional or transitional space. They look very pleasing to the eye & are a classic timeless option that’ll last for a good period of time. To maintain the traditional look you should use damask wallpapers in some selected space instead of all over your walls.

Damask Wallpaper

Damask wallpaper with a flocked velvet touch is ideal for a bedroom or living room as it will have a rich and luscious look. The smooth texture of the flocked pattern will help you get both depth & dimension and fuses the customary flocked style with a modern damask look.


Damask Wallpaper

Floral damasks are a more casual approach to get a damask inspired look in your interiors. If the idea of infusing damask to your home is intimidating, this style may be your best fit bringing the grace of damask with a pattern that’s less old & decorative.


Damask Wallpaper

Also, the scale of the pattern can help ease fears of designing with damask wallpapers. While there’re numerous bold damask styles with large patterning & bold colors, there’re also a range of small-scale patterns that can help you get a similar setting without the intense scale of a large print. Simple color schemes or tone wallpaper can also help a large scale pattern feel less overwhelming.


Damask Wallpaper

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