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Striped Wallpaper Designs for Interior Decor

Wallpapers come in elegant, modern and artistic designs to ultimately get pasted on the wall surface and make it look attractive. They are decorative materials capable of giving a quick personal touch to interior walls of residence, office, restaurants, museums and other colourful places. Coming in plain as well as textured varieties and selling in rolls, wallpapers usually have great value in interior decoration. They are cost-effective than other stylish decorating methods such as faux finish painting or weathered painting. When hung properly, they can last longer than paints The design varies from flowery and geometric to striped wallpapers but they assure to fix easily and perfectly to walls, covering many imperfections on the wall surface at the same time. In every possible design, they can add style, depth and warmth to a room which single or multi colour paint can’t accomplish even. Fantastic designs, excellent colours, interesting textures and stunning prints of wallpapers have an unequalled effect on the interior décor of a room. Striped wallpaper can be used as a stand-alone design or secondary to an existing pattern to give rise to impressive designer look at reasonable budget.


stripped wallpaper


From the most stylish prints to the delicate texture, wallpaper covering can be done with different choices to make a contemporary design statement. There is an attractive range of striped wallpapers to add interest and gorgeous appeal to a space which looks too simple. Whether you choose it in Albany, Amberley, Ame, Blitzi, Bonbon or any other fabric, wall covering can be accomplished in vertical or horizontal direction to produce a stunning look and can even make small rooms look large and those with low ceilings to be like having more height.


Stripped Wallpaper


Use of Striped Wallpapers in Custom Designs:


Striped wallpapers tend to be the stylish varieties in the preference list of more and more homeowners these days. They come with custom design option so as to help customers decorate their room with a fresh and fine look. Striped wallpapers have timeless appeal and great style value that fits every space structure. With careful selection of colour and design in these wallpapers, user can be successful in bringing both warmth and light into the living or working space.


Stripped Wallpaper


Whether it is the project of decorating bedroom, living room or dining room, wallpaper in striped designs can be picked up for the purpose. The pre-printed striped wallpaper is readily available in a limited range of colours and widths for quick use in all interior space. They are ready to use items coming with the flexibility of blending properly with every décor layout and colour. Or else customers can have custom striped wallpaper designs in the preferred fabrics and pattern to bring charm and unique character to the interior without much cost.


  1. Bright and Bold Striped designs for kids’ playroom and bedroom.
  2. Soft and delicate striped designs are ideal for an adult’s living room as well as home studio.

Stripped Wallpaper


In the case of small size and low ceiling rooms, striped wallpaper designs will work excellent and make a comfortable and spacious ambience without any doubt. It is always necessary to select right colours, pattern and fabric from the huge collection of striped designs on offer. Buyers may feel like not having enough option to create an enchanting look in a space and give it an absolute appeal In this situation, custom striped wallpaper designs will turn out to be a more usable choice.


Custom Striped Designs:


Your wallcovering experience will be highly productive with the attractive range of striped wallpaper designs at Chameleon Collection. It offers bespoke wallpaper service, allowing you to specify everything from colours and widths to gaps for your desired decoration effect. In this store, you can also find pre-printed striped designs for instant use. It is a reputed wallpapers and fabrics store offering extended options in simple yet trendy design of wallpaper for use in conventional or contemporary locations.


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