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Do you want to add some uniqueness to your leaving room? Do you want to buy striped wallpaper for that unique impact? The wallpaper you have selected for decoration looks awesome, but have you ever thought about hanging it a bit horizontally? It may sound like a bit off the track, but this easy interior designing trick creates patterns looks completely different. With a little creativity, you will be able to totally transform the lovely room with a stunning look that guests are certain to notice. While vertical wallpaper designs make your room feel taller, horizontal patterns can make the delusion of lower ceilings, which is perfect if you are looking for a more intimate yet cozy environment.


stripped wallpaper


Classic striped wallpaper would look great when hung horizontally. Putting the striped wallpaper horizontally shouldn’t be an issue. First, you are going to require a spirit level to make a plum line. This will assist you guide the wallpapers along the wall really swiftly. Here is the method:


Stripped Wallpaper

  • Measure properly the wall & integrate an additional inch to partly cover the corner. While employing the measuring tape, ensure it follows the plumb line & does not plunge in the center as this may incorporate extra unessential length.
  • Start hanging the wallpaper right from the corner & smooth it into place cautiously. An excellent tip is to prop the wallpapers up on a chair as you move along.
  • Even the wallpapers against the plumb line. Be conscious that the room ceiling and striking board mayn’t be straight. Don’t be enticed to employ your skirting board as a precise guide – make use of the plumb line at all times.
  • Once you reach the bottom or top (relying on which one you began from) you will require cutting the same sized paper strip & shaving it with a craft knife.
  • Take a damp sponge to wipe out any excessive glue.

You are all done! We told you it is easy! If you are looking for high-quality glossy stripped wallpaper for sale, you better get in touch with us at Chameleon Collection. We stock some of the most exquisite stripped wallpaper in our gallery.

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