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How To Buy Striped Wallpapers?

Want to add a bit charm to your walls with the wide range of striped wallpaper available? Whether you are inclining towards a more classical feel or an edgy, modern look, stripped wallpapers are a cost-effective way to refreshen your old boring walls. Here is how you should choose your striped wallpaper:


Colours & Style:


Striped wallpapers are accessible in a wide range of colours & pattern widths. Compared to narrow stripes, wide stripes tend to produce a more spectacular effect. Furthermore, the colours employed in stripping patterns play an important part in producing a special mood. For instance, light neutral shades – barley beige and misty gray – impart a fresh, calming feel. Black & white striped wallpapers create a classic yet contemporary look. Stripes in muted colour, for example, dusty brown, sage green, adobe red and slate blue goes well with light neutrals to shoot more colours into your room without exaggerating it. Brightly coloured stripes boasting lime green, hot pink, passionate purple and juicy orange work wonder in a teenager’s room to supply a flow of optical energy.


Stripped Wallpaper

Vertical or Horizontal:


Have a good look at your room to make sure whether you would prefer to install your striped wallpaper horizontally or vertically. Vertical stripes lean to make short walls with low roofs feel taller, whereas horizontal stripes can offer the optical semblance of a wide, more extensive area. By widening vertical striped wallpapers onto a ceiling, one can wrap the area with augmented visual interest.  Escalate the widening effect of horizontal wallpapers when you cover it around architectural features, for example, bay window areas, inbuilt shelving units, and recessed walls.


stripped Wallpapers

Mixing Patterns:


Don’t fear to blend striped wallpapers with other patterns, for example, area rugs, upholstery pieces or window treatment. A blend of 3 patterns leans to develop a visually charming area. Your dominant pattern must be the most influential content on a large scale, which will possibly be your striped wallpapers. Preferably, the 2nd pattern will be half the scale of your dominant pattern & integrate some of its colour. A paisley or floral design works wonder as a secondary pattern. You can integrate the 3rd pattern in a complementary colour,  textured piece on a smaller scale, for example, a small polka-dot print.

Stripped Wallpaper

At Chameleon Collection, we supply a wide range of plain and textured striped wallpapers for your wall be it a living room or a restaurant. We can also supply stripped wallpapers in a selected range of widths & colours. For any help, feel free to call us at 01789 762857!

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