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Striped Wallpaper:Add a Punch to Your Space than Others

10 Mar 18 - 03:19

Are you looking to bring a different look or redecorate in your home? Simple and striking style of Striped Wallpaper is the best solution for your desire! A stunning collection of Striped Wallpaper is always on trend. When mixing with contemporary patterns, it will offer a nice fashion and innovative look to any decor. Decorating Striped Wallpaper continues to be popular for its stunning look, simple to achieve on an unbeatable price.


Enormous elements and tools help you to add texture, depth, pattern, color, to create a well-designed space. A rich space incorporates all of these characteristics. Several ways are there to treat your home walls and ceilings and interior. However, wallpaper alone is the only method by which you can achieve all qualities together in a single package. We can say wallpaper is the easiest and least expensive way to transform a space without a call for other options. So how to choose the Striped Wallpaper?


Striped Wallpaper

Infused with your room space


It’s a classic dilemma while it comes to Striped Wallpaper decor!  Everything depends on your desire, the effect you want to achieve and the size or layout of your home interior. Vertical Striped Wallpaper whether thick or thin fits fine on walls with low ceilings as they infused to lengthen your room space. If your room space is wider and you wish to make it appear narrower, vertical Striped Wallpaper can be the cool option for your interior.Horizontal Striped Wallpaper brings a completely different appeal to your home. Striped Wallpaper is a great way to make a room feel taller and magnificent.


Striped Wallpaper

Ideal choice


Wallpaper is beneficial not only for its aesthetic appearance but it also adds to the longevity and durability of your walls. Striped Wallpaper further can add a delicate touch for more visual interest that cannot be accomplished with just a simple flat coat of paint.  Striped wallpaper is most favorable and cost effective since it adds a protective layer to the wall. Due to this new patterns of Striped Wallpaper are used by interior designers, and are also featured in leading design publications.


Striped Wallpaper

Long lasting and cleanable


Wallpaper is durable, long-lasting, and cleanable to meet the needs of your lifestyle. Wallpaper (including Striped Wallpaper) can last 5 times longer than normal paint under typical usage condition. Striped Wallpaper never allows mess, cracks and more frequent cleaning to keep it looking fresh.  It looked like the ultimate retreat from the busy city outside and has the ability to transform an entire home in one step. Wallpaper can be clean easily with gentile sponging or damp cloth to get rid of dirt.


Striped Wallpaper

Patterns of Stripes Wallpaper


Do you know how to decorate with Striped Wallpaper? Striped Wallpaper can fit any room in a home!  In a bedroom, it can be attractive, especially if the Stripes pattern is large. Small patterns in large rooms may have a dizzying effect but most appropriate for bathrooms, small entryways or some small areas in a home. The soft colored Striped Wallpaper helps the interior feel pleasant and enveloping.


Striped Wallpaper



Great interiors provoke passion and create lasting impressions. At Chameleon Collection we provide a custom-made design and service that aims to meet every expectation of our clients. Our wide range of Striped Wallpaper collections and our passion to make more customized designs makes us top in the industry. Browse our website on to find our range of products and our latest Striped Wallpaper for your home interior.

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