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How to Choose Wallpapers for Your Small Room

13 Dec 18 - 23:50

Decorating a small space can be a big challenge, especially when you don’t wish to make the room look smaller than it already is. In this blog, we will talk about what features you should keep in mind when wallpapering your small room.


Art Deco Wallpaper

Define your goals:


When choosing wallpapers for small rooms it’s critical to first define the goals & scope of your project. You must take into account the desired mood, ambiance, concept, and visual story you want to create before choosing your wallpaper. This will allow you to research & narrow down your options. It’s also critical to understand and relate to the existing architectural & interior details in order to make sure your vision is cohesive and functional within your space.


Art Deco Wallpaper

Understanding light and color:


Light plays a critical part in defining space & choosing the most favorable wallpapers for small areas. It’s vital to identify how both artificial and natural lighting play a part in the interior. The way in which natural light gets into an area and also the positioning of artificial light will affect how color and texture is seen and can dramatically boost the look of your wallpapers. Using wallpapers with metallic or sheen luster will bounce light and can produce the delusion of a more open space especially in darker windowless spaces.


Art Deco Wallpaper

Choosing proper pattern styles and scale:


Pattern scale and pattern graphics are yet another critical aspect in selecting wallpapers for small areas and must be decided upon based on the scale and proportion of the existing area and the illusion you wish to create. Stripped or linear patterns will draw your eye up or across the wall making the illusion of depth or height relying on the orientation.


Art Deco Wallpaper

Textural wall coverings produce another level of dimension infusing a sense of depth in a small area. Both small & large prints can be a correct choice for a small area, however, considering the size of the wall you’re working with will let you select a pattern that’s a best fit. Small patterns will create a calm & subtler atmosphere.


Art Deco Wallpaper

Our Art Deco Wallpapers are your best option if you are looking to give your small room a spacious feeling. Our art deco wallpapers and fabrics are specially printed for you in the colours that you specify. Call Chameleon Collection now or visit our site to see our wide range of Art Deco Wallpaper designs.

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