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Style and Color – Two Important Considerations to Use Striped Wallpaper in the Best Way

29 Jan 19 - 08:21

Stripes have become one of the most favorite among various designers as well as home and business owners for interior designing. Striped wallpapers hence have become a trend today. Whether you want to give your interior a soft, bold or subtle looks, you need to buy striped wallpaper! But do keep the color and width of the stripes in your mind according to the style you seek. With stripes, you not only add an appeal to your rooms but also you can hide a myriad of traffic. Also, it helps in concealing any wear and tear! Using striped wallpapers in your décor can create a surprising effect. But make sure you keep one color as merging element in the room else the consistency of your design might get hampered.


Adding striped wallpaper is the best way to stylize any room. Whether you choose delicate, thin or bold stripes, it is guaranteed that it’s surely going to add a pinch of glamor to your boring design! When implemented correctly, striped wallpaper can provide you with an magnificent interior that leaves your guests astonished. But if you do not use it wisely and correctly, the entire interior can get disastrous! There are many considerations that you need to make to get the best out of your striped wallpapers!


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First of all the most important decision, you need to make is whether you should go for vertical or horizontal stripes. This decision of yours can put a huge impact on the overall appearance of your interior. Where horizontal stripes help in creating an edgy, modern and unique interior, the vertical stripes create the illusion of your walls being a little higher (in case of low ceiling rooms) that makes your interior look more spacious that actually, it is! Similarly, if your rooms are narrow then make use of the stripes on a horizontal position, and it will give you a visually wider room. Isn’t that great? Both the styles are unique in their own, what you need to do is understand the kind of statement you want to give to your interiors!


Secondly, the color of the stripes matters a lot as well! The color you choose will determine the style you get. As the stripes are quite bold considering a less vibrant color might be a good idea as overly vibrant colors can make things a little over the top. And if you want to use eye-catching shades then pairing it with a more neutral color can be a better idea. A deep blue and a creamy striped combination create a real statement without looking messy! Also, you can go for two delicate shades with one set of stripes slightly darker than the other, which creates a more sophisticated and elegant interior. The most important thing that you need to remember when you buy striped wallpaper is that never choose clashing colors!




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