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How To Pick A Wallpaper That’ll Work Perfect In Your Home

26 May 18 - 04:55

Gone are those days of bright yellow wallpaper that you usually have seen in your grandmother’s bed room. It is time to offer wallpaper another opportunity as a substitute to paint. It is much simpler to add a little of whimsy to a house by employing wallpapers that are accented by a bold or ironic object. Paint just does not get the message across as easily as a wallpaper. A vintage wallpaper design can immediately impart a serious or formal mood. Wallpapers are on a comeback, and there’re designs & styles that’ll suit nearly any individual’s taste. Here is how to pick a wallpaper that’ll work perfect in your sweet home.


Vintage Wallpaper

Discover he ideal design:


Bold wallpaper prints do catch the attention, and make a statement for home owners who want to showcase their walls as art. But such designs can become dated & guide to purchasers regret down the line.


Vintage Wallpaper

Delicate designs, and those that imitate natural objects, possess more staying authority and are less susceptible to clash with wall art or furniture. Be cautious while choosing small patterns as they may be tough to line up while setting wallpaper panels next to each other.


Wallpapers with a more patterned or textured appearance can assist conceal faults in a wall surface. They look great in a casual setting like a bedroom or a den.


Vintage Wallpaper

A flat & glossy wallpaper pattern provides a more polished looks and works best within a formal area such as a dinning room or an entryway. If you wish the horizontal look but your walls are exceedingly rough, make use of a wall liner which will offer an even surface for your wallpapers.


Let’s have a look at some other tips for selecting a wallpaper pattern:


  • Plane stripes will broaden a room & make your ceiling seem shorter.

  • Perpendicular stripes put in volume to your room and make the ceiling look higher.

  • A wallpaper having light backdrop will make your room look larger, and at the same time a darker wallpaper will make your room look smaller.

  • Larger wallpaper designs can make your room appear smaller and are best fitted for one wall in a larger room.


Vintage Wallpaper

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